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Finally the Suns youth travel soccer team is here and the Palm Beach Suns F.C. are proud to announce their affiliation with the South Florida Suns S.C.  The affiliation gives a whole new meaning to the Palm Beach Suns F.C. and provides growth, and commitment in bettering youth soccer in the United States. For the parents in the community it gives them an opportunity to provide their kids with world class training from world class coaches, which whom are committed to showing the kids from an early age how to become a professional soccer player on and off the field. The affiliation also gives the Palm Beach Suns F.C. an opportunity to mirror their methodology of style of play, game tactics, and practice on the youth to one day be participants of the Palm Beach Suns F.C. PDL Team. “Having the kids at an early age understand and practice the way you are playing makes your life easier as a coach, because now you don’t need to waste any time in making your new players understand how your methodology works, and solely focus on the more important things like team chemistry, tactical formations, and set pieces” Says Palm Beach Suns F.C. Head Coach Chiquniho.

The Palm Beach Suns F.C. are proud to be taking the next step in growing the club and giving the local community a better chance to not only take part in a growing organization, but also be given the ability to be provided the coaching staff and training tools to fulfill their dreams of playing professional one day. “ Being affiliated with a youth club gives the Palm Beach Suns F.C. the ability to show kids how soccer is played and trained at the highest of levels and it gives the Club an ability to produce a farming system which all big clubs all over the world do” Says President of the Palm Beach Suns F.C. Ronald Da Silva.

The suns F.C. will begin their youth quest this 2016 and 2017 season. Playing in the FYSA League and US Club Soccer League. So come out and be part of a world class organization and give your kids the opportunity to have a world class experience. Be the wave that changes soccer here in the United States. Go Suns and Remember all things are possible.


BRJSC Statement Regarding Their Affiliation With The Suns S.C.

“We are very pleased with the vision of the Palm Beach Suns FC. We are likeminded and our priorities are the same. Along with the Suns, our priority at BRJSC is player preparation. We will continue to excel because together our structure, methodology, and personnel prepares players for success in competitive play. We want our 15, 16, 17 year olds to play for the Suns in the PDL. We are now working with our U13-U7 players preparing them for their chance with the Suns and the PDL. Those who perform at the PDL at that age, will be ready for the pro level when they are 18. It only makes sense for BRJSC to partner with the Suns and work with them on preparing players for high level of play.”